9/15/2004 01:54:00 AM|W|P|PJ|W|P|There are two primary reasons I haven't been blogging lately. To illustrate them, I recommend you look at this Crooked Timber post. One: I can't write that well. Two: I refer you to the comment by Ted Barlow:
However, I�ll bet you $100 that some asshole will link to it, quote one word, and say �THE LEFT THINKS OSAMA IS �THOUGHTFUL��. Yeah, I�m pretty burnt out on blogging right now.
Something like that. At the moment, my heart's simply not in the fight. I just yesterday set down Thomas Frank's excellent new book What's The Matter With Kansas?, and I'm just deeply depressed about the state of politics in my country. The ravenousness of the people presently running the Republican party confuses and frightens me ever more each day--not just the amoral desperation of their every assault on any dissenting voice, but also the devotion to an ideology that is so thoroughly alien to me as to leave me with no way to begin to have a conversation with them. So yeah. I shall recover, though. Eventually. If you've got a LiveJournal account, you can add my syndication feed to your friends list and be the first to know when updates happen on this blog.|W|P|109523125317343896|W|P|i haven't been blogging lately|W|P|