12/24/2004 04:42:00 PM|W|P|PJ|W|P|All things must come to an end. So, too, must my tenure with Blogger. I have a hosting account, which I've wanted for a number of non-bloggy reasons for some time, and as a side benefit, I'm upgrading from Blogger to WordPress and relaunching this blog. If you have me bookmarked at http://www.sexualchocolate.org, that should be pointing to the new blog by now, unless there's some sluggard name server out there. If you have me bookmarked at http://sxchoc.blogspot.com, you will need to update your bookmarks. The new site is, once again, http://www.sexualchocolate.org. Thanks for reading.|W|P|110392839421647673|W|P|sexualchocolate, v 2.0|W|P|